Hello my fabulous new TechBandits penpal friend!

Thank you for joining the cause and accompanying me on my mad, magnificent TechBanditry adventures!  

The whole idea behind TechBandits and this, the Email of Awesome Awesomeness, is to share the science, technology, engineering, arts & math discoveries that I stumble upon during my weekly Internet Squirreling!  These are personally hand-picked news, stories, videos or just terrific techbanditry topics that I think will kickstart curiosity in kids of all ages & inspire a passion for life-long learning in the next generation of brilliant minds...they certainly inspire me!

Please consider including at least your first name, so I can address emails to you personally and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. I'd also love to get a running count of countries, cities and/or towns that our TechBandits call home so I can make a Map...nothing creepy, just a rough idea of where on this magical planet you reside would be great to know! 

And finally, while you're awaiting my latest Email of Awesomeness to impact your inbox, perhaps you'd like to check out some of our previous awesome?

Thanks again...this is going to be fun!

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Brilliant!

Cheerio! & Huzzah!

David Hewlett
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I've gotta GDPR things, so please let me know how you'd like to hear from me about my TechBanditry and the Email of Awesome Awesomeness!

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